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Fútbol with Grant Wahl

Jun 8, 2020

Grant has a revealing interview with Henrikh Mkhitaryan (starting at 30:55), the best player ever from Armenia, who has had an impressive season with Roma on loan from Arsenal. Mkhitaryan discusses the benefits of his ability to speak six languages fluently, why Premier League players have adapted well to Serie A, why he'd prefer to stay longer at Roma instead of returning to Arsenal, what it felt like to miss a European final due to not feeling safe in Azerbaijan, his greatest goal ever, and the positives and negatives of having as his agent Mino Raiola, the Scott Boras of European soccer.

Before that, Grant catches up on the soccer news with Daryl Grove of our partners the Total Soccer Show. They discuss the new voice found by the young leaders of the USMNT during the protests against police brutality against black Americans; the long-term impact of the relationship between MLS players and owners being "set back years" by the threat of a lockout; the impact of Timo Werner's expected move to Chelsea for Christian Pulisic; Grant's concern that Megan Rapinoe may never play again competitively; and, with La Liga starting again on Thursday, the importance of watching Lionel Messi (soon to turn 33) while we still can.